‹New Works› Com & Com (Gossolt/Hedinger), Andrea Loux


In the actual exhibition two work groups are confront each other, seemly completely different at first sight. On one side there are the acrylic paintings of Com & Com (Gossolt/Hedinger), partially painted in bright colours, on the other side there exist restrained colours works on paper of Andrea Loux. Both work groups are actually dealing with a media transfer. The contemplation of those works becomes fascinating, when the stories of Andrea Loux become integrated into the abstract colour clouds of Com & Com.

Again Com & Com shows a larger work group of their abstract painting. ‹The Big One› is a multimedia art project. Composed of movies, photography, painting, music, and installation, it creates an aesthetic dialog between picture, space, sound and movement, as well as abstraction and reality. The short feature film ‹The Big One› consisted of nearly 80% of „road movie like“ live-action movie sequences and 20% of abstract digital animations. It is an atheistically pleasing balance of a reality world and a dream world. The abstract-digital animations serve as a basis for the painting; colours and shapes of the animations generated themselves from the each time forerun live-action movie scenes and their statement. In incomparable technique they have realised spherical works and with it they created a special contribution to the actual media discourse.

Com & Com (Johannes M. Hedinger and Marcus Gossolt) proceed the medial continuation of their work with the indicated painting. Works have originated, lavishly produced in paintbrush technique in acrylic paint on canvas, which appear monumental and fragile at the same time.

Andrea Louxs drawings and collages seem like stage design, in which different protagonists from the last decades bustle. Earlier it were mainly interior catalogues from the 70’s and 80’s, in which she found her motives, today it is considerably more the internet, which does deliver starting material for her works. In complex research she is looking for thematic connections – like pilots or hunting scenes – and puts them into a new context with collection character. Masterly she revises the found pictures and in doing so she creates a meta sphere, in which history and stories mix in a surprising and confounding way. We all know those scenes, even if there are oftentimes-mere reminiscences of bygone days. Humans bustle in the works, animate the artists new created spaces. With complex overwork of found picture material, Andrea Loux manages to tell thrilling stories and abducts the observers into new worlds. The video work ‹Short Cuts: pilot (sublimation)› transcribes the paper works so to speak in movement: A model aircraft pilot let his flyer rise higher and higher. Unfailing the airplane turns his rounds, until it disappears in the continuum of space and time – meanwhile the pilot dissolves as well and becomes bit by bit a part of the sky.

Bernhard Bischoff, May 2008