Erik Dettwiler – Bernhard Huwiler


Two artists perform at the galleries rooms. Although both follow very different approaches, numerous points of contact come along. Both have the interest in common of telling complex stories in very few pictures, as well as the equal use of photography and video. Bernhard Huwilers «insideoutsidein» was filmed with a «panorama camera» of his own devising. On a tripod a camera is turning around his own axis by use of a motor. Hereby originates an all-round visibility, a panoramic view that yet is only visible as a section in TV monitor size. In New York, Kiev and Nice Erik Dettwiler went once more on a motive search. In the centre stage are beyond doubt both of his «Circle Lines», panoptic from the three towns. In those he catches photographically the complexity of pulsating big cities in such a way that an unexpected possible synopsis results from single frames. It is the research of social structures, of architecture systems or the hidden presence of nature in alleged concrete deserts, which makes the work so actual and thrilling.

Bernhard Bischoff, April 2002