Franticek Klossner, Gian Paolo Minelli, Silvano Repetto


Gian Paolo Minelli and Silvano Repetto started their artistic cooperation when still living and working in the Ticino. To their joint installation works Minelli contributed his photographs, whereas Repetto added his «video poetry». A few years ago they met the Bernese video artist Franticek Klossner at the Instituto Svizzero di Roma. For the first time the three of them exhibit conjointly. They show an installative piece of work they produced cooperatively, but also works that were created by the artists singly. They consist of photographs and videos. An exhibition of the works of these three artists is simultaneously – by way of a dialogic complementation of the Thun exhibition - taking place in the gallery Martin Krebs in Berne.

Bernhard Bischoff, 2002