«Malereien»/«Paintings»: Clare Goodwin, Gert Rappenecker, Dominik Stauch, Peter Willen


«Malereien» represent four painters who have all found their very own way to put paid to the persistent rumour that painting has long been dead. British painter Clare Goodwin paints different views of kitchens that however are so abstracted one could almost call it pure colour field painting. But looking at it again and one will detect stove, fridge and other implements pertaining to a kitchen. Gert Rappenecker's "Screen Paintings" on the other hand are clips from movies he adapts on the computer. Fine brush strokes and delicate colours - a single picture tells the whole story. With his verre églomisé pictures Dominik Stauch analyses various treatments of spatial situations. Colours and shapes are combined to form an impressive geometric visual language. Peter Willen shows large monochrome paintings that are characterised by a curious combination of stillness and vigour. Four painters that represent four very different positions, and thus make for a very exciting exhibition.

Bernhard Bischoff, November 2001