«unlimited»: relax (chiarenza & hauser & croptier)


In their exhibition in Thun the artists’ collective «relax» once more try to analyse the different interpretations that attain to the word «value», in ist material and immaterial sense. The video projection «revolution» leads into the exhibition; leaves drop, exchange rates fall, and hope is sinking. The video «piggybank» shows the «feeding» of a piggy bank. Little platforms attached to the wall remind one of the functional furnishings of post offices, depictions of invoices painted straight onto the wall demonstrate the collective's latest stroke of genius: There are paying-in slips produced especially for this exhibition that can be bought at the post office counter - after which the buyer finds himself in the possession of an «unlimited» artwork.

And finally there is this strange stain on the carpet. Closer inspection will reveal that it was not caused by some coffee spilt carelessly, as it does consist of pure silver. Simple, but profoundly humorous...

Bernhard Bischoff, October 01