‹BEAUTY IS THE NEW PUNK› - Com&Com (Marcus Gossolt / Johannes M. Hedinger)!


Com & Com work at the interface between art and media, questioning these in various subtle ways. Their multimedial as well as transmedial projects make use of numerous artistic genres, such as film, music, text, photography, drawing, sculpture, installation or painting. The individual groups of works not only generate complex theoretical and aesthetic discourses, but also never fail to irritate and fascinate. So far the duo’s oeuvre was dominated by the large-scaled media projects (like CFiles, Side By Side or Mocmoc) then with the multimedia project The Big One acrylic paintings made an appearance, not only as by-products from the movie of the same name, but as an independent group of works. Due to experience with classical art techniques, an intensive search for the further development of their oeuvre began.

In 2009, after 13 years of successful teamwork Com & Com, decided to break free from old values by publishing the “post-ironic-manifesto”. Since their earlier works were dominated by a more theoretical approach, the production of their recent works integrates new-old techniques and topics. The deliberately chosen turning point acts as a reflection of their artistic work and helps to disclose the new direction. The duo has broken with irony and provocation. It is the starting point of a new creative phase with a radically changed conception of art. Laying the focus on the rediscovery of beauty in simple things and everyday life, as well as honouring the not yet worn out authenticity, results in surprising, new works. With the opportunity of a new beginning in this post-ironic phase they explore the theme of interaction between humans and nature. Our current exhibition shows light pencil drawings and sculptures made out of wood and ceramics, as well as the video work Google Earth Art and some editions concerning the post-ironic-manifesto.

We are pleased to show larger groups of works out of the post-ironic phase of Com & Com for the first time. As the title “Beauty is the new punk” emphasizes beauty is the reigning element. Beauty standing for itself- or being only completed by the spectators ` eye.

Bernhard Bischoff, January 2010

Translation: Patsy Kornfeld