Laurent Schmid

The work of Laurent Schmid is formed by the doubt about the clearness of information brokering. In his works he picks up methods and strategies, which are often implicated with totally different intentions: information on different levels, smuggled messages, hidden stratums. Many times one encounters it in dubious coherence, in crude conspiracy theories, but sometimes there emerge cases, in which such practices are not only applied by kooks, but also by companies and states. Laurent Schmid entertains and relishes within his work. He sees it as the subject of irony, exaggerates and then pushes the limits. The choice of medium and visual appearance depends on the chosen content. He develops his format by choosing a particular environment and gives it weight and importance and then takes it one step further. For example by going stylistically from rock-aesthetics to (pseudo-) documentary evidence, from media from drawings to computer programs. (He greatly likes codes and symbols).