Elsbeth Böniger, Christian Indermühle


The preoccupation with beauty and sensually attractive things has been again and again the starting point of Elsbeth Boenigers works. Paintings, sculpture in combination with painting, installations –they all exist equally next to each other. She’s a passionate collector and assembles different materials, from which she draws her inspiration, her ideas. Surfaces occupy a particularly central position in Boenigers work. They always cause amazement. The mirror surfaces reflecting the environment are as fascinating as the indefinable texture of several applied layers. The works oscillate between absolutely planned perfection and incidentally found results of broad research. Her works all have a very strong haptic component in common. One would like to touch, to palm. The structures force themselves upon us through the chosen materials, such as mesh, unevenness, varnish, rubber or cement, and are woven into an entity of format and technique.

Christian Indermuehle shows new, large-scale photographs, which evolved from his extensive travels. Lost in reverie, landscapes or architectural shots reveal an exhilarating beauty. Recently he baffled with night photographs from the Alps, in which only the diffuse moonlight illuminated the snowy mountainsides. This year he shows three so far never presented blocks of works: jungle shots, industrial photographs and detached mountain-scapes and seascapes. All these pictures bring new aesthetics into his work. He always seeks out mysterious places and captures special light moments with his large-format camera. The pictures sort of become archetypes, colossal, dateless documents of nature or culture. He is interested in different forms of „Becoming“ and „Decay“ – this can be seen impressively in the shown works.


Christian Indermühle, Packard / Chevrolet Factory Detroit, 2008, Print 2011, C-Print auf Fotopapier hinter Plexiglas, gerahmt, 114 x 142,5 cm, Unikat
Christian Indermühle, Packard / Chevrolet Factory Detroit, 2008, Print 2011, C-Print auf Fotopapier hinter Plexiglas, gerahmt, 114 x 142,5 cm, Unikat

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