LOOP Video Art Fair



Quynh Dong (*1982) grew up between two cultures – in her works, she investigates the feeling of being a stranger and not belonging to one place of herself and her immediate environment. She reveals relentlessly the cracks of her own biography and processes her Asian heritage in very direct performances or impressive installations. Long-established, seemingly odd traditions and ceremonies are transferred carefully into the western world and with this she questions their existence in many ways. On the one hand, she wants to point out cultural differences and misunderstandings. But on the other hand, she wants to help herself recall actions and traditions, she thought were lost – also to be fully aware of these traditions. She x-rays her life consistently and chooses particular episodes, to interweave them with collective memories from her family’s history and world history. People she feels close to often become important points of reference in her web of relationships, which seems to build itself up but at the same time deconstructs itself. If nothing else, being immediate witnesses, they take over key roles in Dongs works.