‹X-MAS›: Christian Kathriner, Elisabeth Llach, Andrea Loux, Kotscha Reist, Dominik Stauch, Brigitte Zieger

Christmastime: group exposition time. As well in the gallery bk. Three women and three men play inside the rooms with various works and techniques, without pertaining to any specific topic. It is an eclectic presentation of new works; know and unknown shall be discovered. Represented is an ensemble that could not have more variety, the heterogeneity seems homogenous, an interesting picture for the gallery program. The Berlin based Andrea Loux shows digitally and manually edited photographs, resting upon photographical finds. She brings an absurd theatre to life. The exhibition is additionally supported by the accumulation of her funky and queer objects. The “Corpores and Loci Delicti“ play with our imagination of crime scenes. Loux does progress; she mixes harmless and innocent things with few interventions and converts them into a new world. Elisabeth Llach is an outstanding painter; she paints the pictures found in the daily flood of lifestyle magazines, freely interpreted in acryl on paper. The beautiful top models become “unbeautiful” mythical creatures. The motives are partly painted on large format sheets of paper. For the actual exhibition she composed an ensemble of small formats. Hereby connections between the single sheets emerge, that clarify Llachs panopticon impressively. Dominik Stauch shows two works, the first called “Pastel Planes and Blackouts“ is composed of nine single works. In Stauchs familiar contemporary and geometric diasec inkjet technique appear nine middle formats. These are both reserved and loud at the same time. The pastel coloured shaded surfaces overlap themselves, resulting in new levels, circles looking as if they were punched out become mirror planes. In those the viewer sees himself as if being part of the work of art. His second work; the video sculpture “Revolver“ consists of a green fake leather armchair and a monitor work. Here the classic colour green rotates and with the overlay of the coloured points he develops numerous varieties of colour. Brigitte Ziegers contribution consists of two series. On one hand there are the large format drawings of explosions, but due to the fine slightly shimmery tint they become nearly poetic pictures of clouds. On the other hand she shows her newest digital video work, which plays with the patterns of wallpaper. A woman detaches herself from an idyllic landscape, faces the observer – and dashes out of the picture. Christian Kathriner brings a three-part work series to Berne. Once more he conquers with technique and content the art history of several centuries and celebrates an individual interpretation of different themes. The “PAX“ flag flew on the official flagpole on the Landenberg and is now inflated by the museum presentation in a vitrine. “INGRES’“ standards attest the artists respect for old Masters and the aerose “Baseball bat” bears impressively witness to destructive and at the same time creative force. Kotscha Reist has arranged works on paper for the exhibition. One work from the series of large format oil paintings on paper will be shown at Berne for the first time. Previously these were shown in Berlin and Paris. The smaller drawings reflect the artist’s various interests in every day situations; a range from harmless photographs he took himself of the shadows of his studio, to mortuaries, and images in newspapers.

Bernhard Bischoff, November 2006