Christian Indermühle


28.2. – 28.3.2020

Opening Thursday 27th of February 2020 18-20h


Christian Indermühle, «Talsenke auf Insel Sumba», 2019, 175 x 143.5 cm
Christian Indermühle, «Mondsamen-Wildwuchs Insel Sumba», 2019, 195 x 150 cm
Christian Indermühle, «Zündhölzliwald auf Sumatra», 2019, 139.5 x 110 cm
Christian Indermühle, «Johannisbrotgewächs Insel Timor», 2019, 110 x 139.5 cm
Christian Indermühle, «Baumkrone mit Parasiten, franz. Guyana», 2016, 175 x 143.5 cm
Christian Indermühle, «Vedute einer Vegetation Insel Borneo», 2019, 143.5 x 175 cm

Christian Indermühle (1945 Bern) grew up in Bern and Aarau as the grandson of the famous architect and master builder Karl Arnold Indermühle. He completed his architecture studies at the cantonal technical center in Burgdorf and then took over the architectural offices Karl and Peter Indermühle in Bern. From 1982 he worked intensively with photography and attended a free study of photography at New York University. This is followed by his first solo exhibitions in galleries and institutions.

Christian Indermühle's photography is characterized by his profession as an architect and landscapes that stretch halfway around the world. His original, elementary landscape pictures, which are removed from almost all of the signs of the present, form a central point in his photographic works. In recent years, motifs from the Far East have been added; they come from various trips that led to the Indian Mill to Burma, Buthan, China, Vietnam, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.
Indermühle's photographs are strikingly deserted. This opens up the view for the structure and texture of the inanimate materials as well as for the locations and building sites of nature and culture.

With his impressive photographs evoking landscapes or architecture of an intoxicating beauty, Christian Indermühle immortalises nature and culture coexisting equally alongside each other. All these images introduce a new aesthetic language into his works. He keeps visiting mysterious places in order to capture their atmospheric lighting effects. The pictures turn into archetypes as it were, into colossal and timeless documents of the world, attesting to the artist‘s interest in the varied forms of becoming and passing away.

Christian Indermühle shows new photographs, which were taken during his trips to the Indonesian islands. As if enraptured, the landscapes reveal an intoxicating beauty. He amazed a few years ago with night shots from the Alps, in which only the diffuse moonlight illuminated the snow-covered mountain slopes, this year it is primarily jungle shots.