‹Couleurs›: Elsbeth Böniger, Ruth Buck, Bernhard Huwiler, Peter Willen

The last exhibition before the turn of the year is under the title «Couleurs». It brings four artists together, in whose works colours are extremely important. In view of the Bernese gallery weekend of the 16th/17th January 2005, the «colouring» obtains a particular significance.

Ruth Buck and Peter Willen both show monochrome paintings, which fascinate differently with the diverse surface treatment. Buck amazes with new car paint images, whose pretended moved surfaces seem to glow differently corresponding to every time of day. Diverse shades of red and different formats create a flickering general view, a radical homage to colour. Also Peter Willen consecrates himself to the surface. Meticulously and extensively constructed with singular layers, the works don’t «search» to flash « glamour» as Bucks. But rather the convicted retention, which lets the tempera images appear so nobly, which accords the highest to the colour stateliness.

Elsbeth Böniger tries out like an alchemist reactions of colours and lacks. Again and again, she discovers new colouring agent, she founds unfamiliar ways of application. The result of the expanded material studies is amazing. A coloured kaleidoscope, an aesthetic confusion, which always amazes anew.

Finally, Bernhard Huwiler draws the bow further in the truest sense of the word and brings to Thun three new installation works. He will knot a netting from yellow plastic strips on the gallery terrace. The visitors have to move under and between the strips – there arise new perceptions, perspectives and insights. From a total of six kilometres coloured nylon cord he will also create a knot sculpture, a Gordian knot, where you can’t see through it. His projected video work of in the night filmed living-room windows, has on the one hand a strong touch of voyeur, on the other hand a very poetic contribution to light painting.

The Christmas exhibition of this year is an homage to the colours; the colours are felt out in a broad spectrum. Four exciting positions which allow bearing the greyness of the season a little bit easier.

Bernhard Bischoff, December 2004